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How We Buy

We purchase new and gently-used children's clothing and other items from families in our community. We buy based on condition, quality and current inventory needs.

When We Buy:

You can drop off on regular grocery sized bag per week during regular business hours.

What We Buy:

We buy contemporary clothing, shoes and accessories for infants, children and teens, including swimwear, dance wear, athletic wear and costumes.

We buy name-brand toys, games, books, room decor and some baby equipment (no car seats, swings, bedding, bath tubs, large items).

We only purchase clothing that has been recently washed and is new or very gently used (no stains, holes, tears, worn knees, pilled fabric, frayed edges, etc.).

Toys and equipment must be within expiration dates and without recalls, clean, in excellent condition and with all parts. 

How We Pay:

Once we have looked through your items, selected the ones we would like to purchase and priced them; we will write you a check for 30% or give you store credit for 40% of the total.

Checks and store credit will be available for pickup/use on 20th of each month.

Your items we decide not to purchase will be held for you for 30 days. If not picked up after 30 days from the date they were dropped off, your return items will be donated to a local non-profit.

Traveling Pants reserves the right to price things at its sole discretion. Feel confident that you will get paid a fair amount based on the criteria indicated. Once you have dropped off your items you are agreeing to Traveling Pants' terms.

Tips for sellers:

* If you are new to our store, shop around first to get an idea of the type of things we sell.

*Look in natural light for any wear, stains or blemishes, test out zippers, snaps, etc.

*ALL items should be RECENTLY washed/cleaned (including toys and shoes).

*Lay all items neatly in a regular-sized flat-bottomed shopping bag, not a trash bag. Label each bag with your complete name and phone number.

*The maximum weekly drop-off is 1 regular-sized shopping bag.